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What’s Inside the E-Book?

At Daycroft, we prepare children to become successful global citizens who have a life-long love of learning and a strong set of core values. From this, they will be able to demonstrate leadership and achieve excellence.

Our dedicated and energized teaching staff worked together to create a series of booklets based on experiences in the classroom, research and their passion for supporting a personalized learning environment that nurtures the whole child, emotionally, intellectually, socially and physically.

In this e-book you'll find age-appropriate activities for your toddler that:

Can be done with items you most likely have at home

Teach independence and life skills

Are fun and engaging


“Daycroft has been an incredible learning environment for my children. They have not only grown academically, they have also gained important social and leadership skills. It’s wonderful to see how they approach new problems with confidence and creativity.
Daycroft’s low student-to-teacher ratios, along with the flexibility and skill of the teachers, have allowed each of my children to flourish, even though they have different personalities and learning styles. I’m convinced that Daycroft gives them the solid foundation they’ll need to be successful in their future endeavors.”

Terri Middleton

Mother of three current and former Daycroft School students

Parent Insights

“The Montessori approach to teaching allows my girls to develop an awareness that they are individuals who have value in their own right. This empowers them to be confident children who are affirmed, and this, I believe, is what has encouraged their academic progress."
Barbara Ruwende

Mother of three Daycroft students

"At Daycroft, the teachers, children and parents work as a team. The teachers do an excellent job of meeting the children where they are academically. They challenge students and encourage them when they need more attention and assistance."

Parents of two Daycroft students

"We like the Daycroft school’s emphasis on independence and creativity, along with its dedication to fostering a spirit of community among the students and their families. Daycroft has a strong commitment to cultural diversity and to developing awareness to the needs of others."

Mother of a Daycroft student

Help your toddler have fun while they learn important life skills!

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